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Your local
drop box!

hoard allows you to securely exchange keys with others by depositing them at our hoard spots in your city. Use hoard for flat- or car-sharing and manage access to your property online from wherever you are.

How hoard works:

Book online

Select hoard spot and request your hoard code online.

Deposit keys

Deposit keys at the selected hoard spot with your hoard code.

Send code

Send a confirmation by email to authorize a person for pick-up.

Meet our secure safe for keys and other valuable items you want to deposit for others. You find it soon at our hoard spots. To open simply type in your hoard code or select open from your booking in the hoard app!

Why use hoard:


Find our hoard spots in locations such as local shops just around the corner. Long opening hours ensure you can drop off or pick up your key at any time!


At our hoard spots your key is locked in our safe hoard box. We protect your personal data, so that your keys are stored anonymously.


Book hoard online, wether you are at home, at work or on your way. Simply send your hoard code to the person collecting the key, wherever you are!

hoard in San Francisco - Cooming soon!


hoard simplifies key-sharing for